I see a field trip in our future…

Mr. G, honey sent me a link to the Canadiano site. I think he’s probably hinting for this personalized crafted coffeemaker. He’s about all things coffee at the moment.

I’m all about the verra creative videos. And the limited edition DoubleDouble. Heh.

Made in Canada, baby.

Because I like to share, and it’s Hump Day — that day of the week that we just need to bzzzzzzz right over — I give you Parker.

Parker knows how to make a manwich coffee.

The next time Canadiano does a Pop-Up shop, I see a field trip in our future. I am intrigued.

Wednesday, we’re on it.

Thanks for the tip, Mr. G, honey.

Now, which wood will he want?


Disclaimer: Canadiano doesn’t know me. They’ve never heard of me or my little bloggity. The end.

8 thoughts on “I see a field trip in our future…

  1. What?! I didn’t know this was a thing! I drink coffee, but I now know that I’m less knowledgeable about the beverage than I ever thought possible. Their videos are hilarious!


  2. Wait? Canada has hipsters?

    Well, seriously, this is way cool. Let me note that when I think of “Parker,” I think of the manliest Parker ever:

    But I think that I may have to get me one of them there Canadianos . . .


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