Single Shot Monday: Eye-Popping…

I think about the weekend on Monday mornings. A who-what-where-when-forget-the-why review. It just seems to go with Monday morning and decaffeine.

This Monday in particular, I thought about a Special K commercial on the telly. A little pony-tailed imp with a wink and a smile, and a big Box of DONUTS, rings the bell. A pretty and fit female answers the door, and it’s Let The Games Begin. You know the one I’m talking about. I don’t know about you, but I was just one step away from snatching that box of eye-popping donuts right out of the telly tube. The imp, too, because I wanted to sit over a donut glass of lemonade and discuss her short life story.

Oh, yeah. There was something about Special K, but I can’t remember what it was. Sorry, Special K!

IMG_6868_campanula_elengrey_june_2014 (1024x715)

Campanula — Little Bell. Just popped out this Monday morning. One of my favorite perennials.

Sunday morning found the G-Man and I downtown socializing with the Anglicans. At the beginning of the service, there is a moment of standing and greeting the people in the pews around you. A few empty spaces to my right was a woman who was, if I had to guess, somewhere between 70+ and 80+. Yes, I am that good with age. She had snowy white hair cut in a chic bob, dark sunglasses in black frames perched on her nose, and was wearing an eye-popping tunic top in reds and oranges and deep pinks and blues and greens over a trouser/jean/jegging hybrid.

“Good Morning,” I said. “Love the shirt.”

Her mouth curved up into a grin. “Thank you. I think we’re alike, you and I.”

I looked down my own shirt front and laughed. It was eye-popping reds and oranges and golds with just a splash of my signature black here and there.

I’d look in her direction from time to time. Noticed that she was using a magnifying glass with a light on it to read the bulletin through her dark sunglasses. Some sensitivities and challenges there.

During one of the prayers, my eyes were cast down to the floor, but they wandered — as my eyes are wont to do — to the right. Oh, man. She was sporting some lavender — not purple — but lavender Converse All Star high tops with lavender and turquoise socks. It made me want to run to the car and throw on my orange Converse All Star low tops, but I was already wearing a screaming red wedge.

She was stylin’, and I was totally smitten. I hope I have that fashion sense when I grow up.

And I wanted to sit over a glass of lemonade and discuss her long life story. The only thing better — sitting down together with the imp from the commercial and the chic bob from the Anglicans and swapping life story moments.

And Monday rushes in on a burst of color.


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