Four More…

Make that five.

I wanted to share five more images of graffiti in the building that houses the old kilns at the Evergreen Brick Works. If you didn’t get a chance to see Monday’s post, you can see the first image here.

IMG_7278_graffiti_2_toronto_september_2014 (1024x765)

The lighting made it a bit challenging. You’re getting the best of the best.

Yes, yes, yes. Click it bigger. Click them all bigger.

IMG_7282_graffiti_3_toronto_september_2014 (764x1024)

Heh. This might be my fave. I’m wondering what’s behind the chained door.

Is it chained, too? Whatever it is.

IMG_7273_graffiti_4_toronto_september_2014 (765x1024)

Trick or Treat. C’mon in. This building would be great for a Halloween party.

Am I right?

IMG_7283_graffiti_5_toronto_september_2014 (1024x765)

Graffiti as far as the eye can see.

Speaking of eyes…

IMG_7280_graffiti_6_toronto_september_2014 (1024x765)

Espresso machine. Go big or go home.

Hump Day.

Let’s just graffiti right over it.


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