Single Shot Monday: Graffiti Works…

IMG_7271_2_graffiti_1_toronto_september_2014 (1280x1187)

Yes. Click it bigger.

As you tour the Evergreen Brick Works, in the building that houses the kilns and Holcim Gallery you’ll find walls of graffiti. It’s on the brick. It’s on the doors. It’s on the ovens. And I have to say it adds quite a visual interest to the brick. This building is where the bricks were fired. Back in the day.

Graffiti fascinates me. What about you?

In the areas of Toronto that I frequent, there is a great deal of mural painting on the exterior of buildings and in underpasses. Mural painting is more structured, but I appreciate them both. And I think it gives a unique character to neighborhoods in the big TO.

You know the drill for Single Shot Monday.

One. Un. Uno.

In other news ~

Last week found me taking not one, but two courses. Gwen Hernandez offers online classes on Scrivener. As the author of Scrivener for Dummies, she certainly has the expertise. I was taking Scrivener I, which is a solid overview, and will most certainly get you comfortable with the Scrivener environment. My brain started to fry on the Compiler overview. That course wraps up midweek. I hope to catch Scrivener II in October, but scheduling may be a problem.

And because the opportunity came at the same time — Isn’t that always the way? — I spent last week in The Art of Building A Blogging Career with Karen Bertelsen from The Art of Doing Stuff. This was five, intense, one-hour, live video sessions. It was the fast and the furious. It was the fun and the hilarious. I can’t stop thinking about Diet Coke.

I’m still processing what I learned there. And what I mean by processing is my eyes aren’t blinking yet, and my hair looks like it’s been knotted into a garlic braid.

And Monday is in the house.