Single Shot Monday: Sideways Trunk…

IMG_8334_sprouting_branch_october_2014 (1280x956)

Last week, I zipped around Lake Ontario to visit writer friend, Keziah Fenton. We were meeting at one of her favorite haunts at Niagara Falls — Dufferin Islands. Let’s just say I can’t believe I lived in the Niagara Region for 11 years, and did not know about Dufferin Islands. Mostly, I ran up and down the Niagara Parkway. Anything that was on the Niagara Parkway — and there was a lot, including the falls — was thoroughly traveled. The rest of Niagara Falls, not so much.

Clearly that was an oversight on my part.

Dufferin Islands will be visited again and again.

I didn’t get a lot of clicks this time, as the conversation was flowing hot and heavy between us. The G-Man was sent out to shoot as much as he could. I’ll be sharing some of his shots here later. Thank you, Mr. G.

This image has a subtle beauty. What caught my eye was the crop of yellow-green branches growing out of the sideways trunk. The water is actually moving and the bright, little, red leaves are rushing along.

Do not go to Niagara Falls without visiting Dufferin Islands. The end.

Hover and click.

Autumn is in full swing here. I’m trying to drink in as much of it as I can.

And Monday rushes in sideways.


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  1. I sat on one of the little islands to wait for you and absorbed as much as I could. There was a nervous young duck couple flirting on the water in front of me. The geese came right up to my blanket in search of food. Glorious leaves fluttered from the trees all around me. It is a magical spot. I’m so happy to have shared it with you.


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