Single Shot Monday: January is the New December…

IMG_9238_Christmas_Market_Tree_Distillery_District_december_2014 (765x1024)

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Since there was no bibbidi-bloggity-boo in December, I didn’t get a chance to show you any December red.


December red.

And I’m good with that, because I’ve decided that red is the new black, and January is the new December.

Hear me, Orange is the New Black?

We just started watching OITNB here at Casa Elen. I know. I know. Always late to the party.

I can’t look away.

Thank you, Netflix.

In other news ~

The past several days have found me clearing and purging clutter. Why do we feel compelled to clear the clutter that is our nests in January?

And eat salads?

I know from reading the social medias that it’s not just me.

There are three cartons of books sitting on my office floor ready to be donated. I’ve pitched countless rubberless — Is that a word? — rubber bands and a couple of dead staplers, not to mention dried up pens and hardened erasers. Things that live in the backs of drawers. Beyond reach.

Beyond thought.

Beyond our galaxy.

I found three cell phones….. B.S. Before smartphone. The aqua blue LG Neon slider was my fave. Did you have a fave?

Phone cases. i-Pod cases. 10 unidentifiable adapters/chargers, which I am loathe to get rid of. What are they for? And where are the Whats?

Oh, and enough electronic cables and connectors and doohickeys to open my own Etsy shop.

The horror is that I haven’t even left the confines of my office yet.

As my friend in blogging and photography, Daniel G. at The Wind-Up Razor Chronicles says — Alert the archeologists!

And Monday hitches a ride on a carton of flotsam and jetsam.


Note: This image is a close shot of the Toronto Christmas Market tree at the Distillery District. December 2014.

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