Single Shot Monday: I’m-Not-Awake O’Clock…


I planted two of these last year in an area that gets mostly shade, but some sun. It’s an evergreen flowering plant in the Ranunculaceae family. I might have a thang for old-fashioned looking flowers. These work in both sun and shade and are supposedly deer-resistant. This is not an issue for me, but may be an issue for you. And what’s not to love about those leaves?!

In Other News ~

Monday, the first Monday in June, began at the dentist at I’m-Not-Awake O’Clock, which is probably best. They put me all the way in the back. That special place reserved for screamers and runners. Just kidding. Mebbe.

Robins are now visiting the birdbath to bathe. I haven’t seen the cardinals lately. Maybe they are tending to a new family. These robins bathe like they just exited the cave from a winter’s hibernation. The bath is vigorous and long with lots of after-primping.

The master bedroom, en suite, and closet are being decluttered within an inch of their lives. That part is almost finished. I have shred my fingers to the bone… shredding. Up next is wallpaper removal, and then I can get to the good stuff. The fun stuff. The rolling stuff.

The color stuff!

It was 48 Fahren feels like 43 when I got up this morning. I’m dressed in the same  attire I wear in the winter. Socks, jeggings, long sweatshirt tee. Hello, June! But the sun is shining! Small pleasures.

Doesn’t this just drive you mad with excitement?

And Monday is in the house.

Time to do your work thang.