Single Shot Monday: Water, Water, Everywhere…

…but mostly snow and icicles.

fredericton_new_brunswick_elengrey_september_2012 (1280x956)

You’ll want to click it bigger. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

It’s Monday.

Who cares that we lost an hour springing forward.

It was just a big ol’ fake hour anyway.

We’re saving daylight.

Beats burning daylight.

Somebody help me off this daylight saving time merry-go-round.

That image was shot at Fredericton, New Brunswick in September of 2012. All those subtle lines got me.

Today, I’m defying Mama Winter. It’s 27 heading toward a whopping high of 39 — mebbe even 41 — Fahren. The icicles are dripping. I can see patches of garage roof shingles from my office.


I’m wearing some kind of legging/jegging/jean thang with a white tee and orange Converse sneaks.

Take that, Mama Winter!

Raise your hand if you’re defying Mama Winter today.

Just so.

And Monday rolls in on a wave of defiance.

Let’s work.


Note: The last image is a licensed, royalty-free image and is not for sharing. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Water, Water, Everywhere…

  1. I recognized this photo without clicking it larger. I lived in Fredericton for almost 15 years. I was born in Moncton but never really called it “home”. That title didn’t get used until Freddy. I now live in a rural town in Haldimand County Ontario. Right on the Grand River ( a wee bit smaller than the St. John River but equally as beautiful.

    As for Mama nature, I took my old bones for a walk today. The sunshine on my face felt exquisite.

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