Here’s The Thing…


The Letter T

Aaaaaand, here we are at Throwback Thursday. Again. #tbt

Here’s the thing.

I’m thinkin’……………….. The Kinks.

A 1960s British rock band that brought us the likes of You Really Got Me (1964).

All Day and All of the Night (1965)

A Well Respected Man (1965)

Lola (1970)

(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (1979)

Tired of Waiting for You (1965)

And that’s T, folks.

Tired of Waiting for You.

I can relate.

I’m so tired.

Tired of writing.

Tired of writing for you–ooh–ooh.

Just kidding.

I could never be tired of writing A to Z.

Exits left. Falls on a double chocolate donut with sprinkles. Of the chocolate persuasion.

It’s not pretty.

Just having a little Tim Hortons moment there, aka Timmies to the locals.

Gotta fave song by The Kinks?

Tell me about it in the comment section.

Do you even know who The Kinks are?

Tell me that, too.


Note: Release date for singles from The Kinks Discography.

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  1. I recognize the songs but was never one to pay attention to groups, buy records or follow their output; except, of course, the Beatles. the Beach Boys and Abba. Thanks. Thanks also starts with “T.”

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