Humpity Day: Downtown, Downtown…

Thank you, Petula Clark. You’ve been in my head all morning.

Everything’s waiting for you.

Not everything, but certainly 3DXL: A Large-Scale 3D Printing Exhibition (May 14 – Aug 30) was waiting for me yesterday at King Street West and Blue Jays Way in the heart of the Entertainment District, Toronto.

3DXL is a survey of new projects in 3D printed architecture that are radically changing the building industry and as a result, the way in which we live. ~ Design Exchange Brochure

I watched a robotic arm create a chair out of a spool of hot pink plastic thread.

IMG_1258_robotic_arm_3dxl_elengrey_august_2015 (820x1024)

I love that she’s orange. So playful.

IMG_1261_chair_3dxl_elengrey_august_2015 (806x1024)

Pink is the color of my true love’s chair.

Got up close and personal with a sand-printed architectural column.

IMG_1285_ornate_design_3dxl_elengrey_august_2015 (639x1024)

Ornate. Ornate. Ornate.

Listened to and viewed on flat screen current progress on Amsterdam’s 3D Print Canal House.

IMG_1265_print_canal_house_3dxl_elengrey_2015 (1024x866)

Please straighten your head. It’s crooked.

This exhibit is co-presented by Great Gulf and The Printing House, Ltd. through Design Exchange, Canada’s Design Museum.

If you’re in or around the GTA, there’s still time. I didn’t put up all my clicks. Spoilers, don’tcha know.

Don’t think. Just go.

In Other News ~

Monday was the Civic Holiday here in my neck of Canadaland. Simcoe Day in Toronto. I was too busy being civic — civic’ing? — for Blogland. I hope you don’t mind. I felt it was my civic duty.

I’m experimenting with the size of the images that get displayed when the post is loaded.

Click. It. Bigger. That’s our motto around here.

Still. Too small?

Some would say it makes it too difficult for the page to load. Make your opinion known in the comments.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just 3DXL print sprint right over it.


13 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Downtown, Downtown…

  1. Well, here’s my two cents worth Elen, Big pictures, the bigger the better that’s my moto. You take freakin terrific pictures that I’m sure lots of people want to see. If you thing doesn’t load fast enough, find another one that does. I know I want to see you at your biggest and best. ha,ha. What you are doing right now works but I’d go big girl.
    My new site is up. No, new posts – I’ve been doing my civic duty too… it’s called being home with a 8 year old ha,ha.
    Kellie from Princess and the Yard Ape

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  2. Wow! Robotic arms… pink plastic thread… you have had some interesting encounters lately. Definitely looks like a fascinating spot to check out or have you do it for me… me… being lazy… and you being adventurous! Glad you share your unique finds 🙂

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  3. 3D printing just boggles my mind!! I haven’t seen it in action yet, but it’s on my fall list to visit main library where use of machine is available. Great post, as always!

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