Fridaaaaay!… aka Much Ado About Not Much

This is a slow news day week.

Since Friday on the intertoobs is akin to Take Out the Trash Day on The West Wing — all you WW fans know what I’m talking about…

And since yesterday I was getting the birthday hair, swilling the birthday wine, eating the fat birthday lunch with the fat birthday dessert, watching the Elen’s Choice birthday movie, and slipping into the fat birthday coma…

This bloggity is not delivering another episode of the #newbrunswickroadtrip until next week.

We’re good with that, right?

Yeah. Those are little birthday traditions. Sometimes it’s lunch. Sometimes it’s dinner. It’s always radical hair. It’s a stop at Starbucks for my birthday reward and a stop at Sephora for the birthday sample. It’s sometimes a pedi, but my esthetician is out of the country, so that’s been deferred. ::sobs:: Not really. Sometimes a movie. Sometimes a Buskerfest or any other kind of fest or festival.

It’s a festive day.

A day living in the moment.

A day not on Big Dell.

You aren’t going to get all prickly are you?


IMG_1448_prickly_elengrey_august_2015 (1008x1280)

I have a close shot for that.

I noticed a change at Edwards Gardens this summer.

There were a lot more succulents and palms lazing about.

It felt kinda all global warmish-y.

And freakish.

But it sure was purty.


May your weekend be traffic-free.


Much Ado About Not Much

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


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10 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… aka Much Ado About Not Much

  1. I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday but it looks like you have it all covered. I love it ‘big fat birthday cake and coma’ oh and I’m in need of a pedicure since spending most of the last 10 days on the beach – I’m totally exfoliating. I’m going to start calling salons and asking if they have that Gekko Green before it’s just another passΓ© summer thing.
    Cheers to Birthday kind of things and Fridays. Cheers, have one for me!

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