Single Shot Monday: On the last day of August…

…my true love gave to me.


Wrong season.

Wrong song.

IMG_1411_late_daylily_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x995)

Packs a punch!

Hemerocallis ‘Last Man Standing’

This daylily isn’t called Last Man Standing for nothing.

It’s the last of the daylilies to bloom, and it packs the most punch. All the other daylilies have come and gone. I’ll get the occasional bloom on the Stella de Oro or Stella D’Oro, but all the others have — poof — split.

The decadent colors feel autumnal.

As befits your Monday mood, select (a) or (b).

(a) Sadly, Monday has not — poof — split.

(b) Happily, Monday has not — poof — split.

Either way…

Here we go again.

Get crackin’ workin’.


8 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: On the last day of August…

  1. daylilies. Running Late, Autumn Minaret, Suzie Cream Cheese, Blast From the Past, Tom Mahoney, Volcan Fuego, another Dan Bachman plant, and the other five or so are daylily seedlings seedlings. Still waiting to go pick up some mums to fill in for the fall. The autumn clematis is just starting to bloom. Another couple of days and the bees will be in heaven when it is in full bloom. I am not quite ready to see the daylilies give it up. A couple of weeks and they actually will.

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  2. I’m with (b). Nice shot Elen. Love the name. I just got two as a gift and it is something like crouching dragon and little tiger. One is big with two cool colors and the other is small and the colors are opposite. I got them before I went on vacation so my memory is not too swift as to the exact colors, I’ll have to tell you more next year. ha,ha.

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