Humpity Day… + True Confessions

Last month I had a birthday.

And not being much into glam — big fib — I had a gift short list with an IKEA utility cart on it.

True Confessions ~

I like to do it myself.

So short of buying me Lego, an erector set — Hello, Meccano! — or Gearopolis, I like a good IKEA find.

I also like a good read, but that’s not this post.

IMG_1490_utility_cart_1_august_2015 (956x1280)


I’d been eyeballing this cart for over a year. I couldn’t halp myself. It was all retro-y metal and head-banging turquoise. And, and, and… it came in a box with tools. Minimal tools.

Maybe one tool.

IMG_1494_utility_cart_2_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x956)

Who can resist that?

Not me! Not me!

Time to spread out. There’s a sturdy, round coffee table — a converted dining room table actually — in the living room. Perfect for a little cart project.

Save the knees! Save the knees!

IMG_1518_utility_cart_3_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x877)

This is my favorite page.

I especially love phone dude.

Hello, Grandpa? Help me, IKEA! Help, me!

I count all the bits. All. The. Bits.

Hello, Virgo!

IMG_1499_utility_cart_4_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x951)

Just pour a glass of wine…

And you won’t even notice the fuzzy quality to this click.


The little orange screwdriver in the bottom right corner was the only screwdriver I needed. Everything else was in the birthday box.

This is G-Man’s favorite part. He gets to kick back with a beer and watch me go.

IMG_1498_utility_cart_5_elengrey_august_2015 (956x1280)

I like all things turquoise… and linear.

Those screws were teeny-tiny.

And short.

IMG_1501_utility_cart_6_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x1019) (2)

Black & White + Red Filter = Undead Screwdrivers.

I’m just checking to see if you’re still here.


I guess you are.

IMG_1503_utility_cart_7_elengrey_august_2015 (984x1280)

Almost ready for wheels.

Turquoise isn’t the only shade of blue I love.

I’m a total color nutter.

IMG_1510_utility_cart_8_elengrey_august_2015 (1013x1280)

Wheels x 4.

I took the saturation down low. How low can you go?

It’s all about the wheel.

I needed the only tool in the box for that right there.

The wheel.

IMG_1511_utility_cart_9_elengrey_august_2015 (956x1280)


I call this the Blue Lagoon shot.

Here be Hump Day. Let’s all do wheelies right over it.


Note: It takes about 30 mins — give or take a min — to put this cart together, unless you’re taking clicks. Then… it’s longer. Way longer.

Note 2: IKEA has no idea I’m over here jawin’ about their retro-y metal and head-banging turquoise utility cart. I talk about the things I love.

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