Humpity Day: Me, too…

You know you are procrasti-writing when you stop in the middle of an image edit for a bloggity post to swipe a spiderweb out of the corner of your office window.

I had to get the spider, man.


IMG_1660_self_cleaning_elengrey_september_2015 (1280x954)


I cannot tell a lie.

Well, I can.

But… I’m not.

I bought this at the Binder Twine Festival in Kleinburg on Saturday.

It called to me with its siren song.

Just to confuse guests mix it up, I’m putting it in the main floor powder room where there actually is no powder, baby or otherwise.

Thanks to Only Daughter, I’m listening to Kate Nash’s PLAY on repeat.

14 lines, and the word play is said 21 times.

1.14 – 1.16 minutes of play, depending on which YouTube video you watch. See what I just did there? You can hear it here. FYI — 1.11 minutes on Rdio.

It’s the first track on her album Made of Bricks.

She likes to play.

Me, too.

I’m also partial to the Mariella track, ’cause she is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…


Never, ever…

I like that about her.

Here be Hump Day. Let’s just play right over it.


Never ever, ever.



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