Fridaaaaay!… aka Some Ado About Mudflats

Meanwhile, back at the New Brunswick Road Trip…

Daniels Flats Leg (Hopewell Cape)~

IMG_0938_daniels_flats_bay_of_fundy_nb_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x956)

Three minutes up the road from the Hopewell Rocks, just past McGinleys Corner, is Hopewell Cape. Do I really need to give you the km/mileage on that? It’s a spit up the road from Lover’s Arch and a bear looking at an alien worm coming right up out of the ocean floor Bear Rock. Just a spit, man!

IMG_0934_daniels_flats_2_nb_elengrey_june_2015 (1146x1280)

And Hopewell Cape is where I took these clicks of Daniels Flats (4 km/2.5 miles wide and stretching to Grindstone Island), or Daniel’s Flats. I’ve seen it both ways, so take your pick. It’s one of the three major mudflats bordering Shepody Bay.

daniels_flat_3_nb_elengrey_guest_june_2015 (1280x945)

Thanks for that last shot, G-Man!

Here’s a link to the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and all things mudflats. And shorebirds. The mudflats are key to the migration of shorebirds. Poke around. Who wants to work on Friday anyway?!

I didn’t say that.

Nope. Not me.

Next stop — Moncton!

#newbrunswickroadtrip to be continued…

TGIF, baby!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


2 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… aka Some Ado About Mudflats

  1. Nothing like the mudflats is there? I grew up in Moncton and would take little getaways to Hopewell. Some friends and I even found a hot spring. So much fun and if I only knew what I had all those years ago.
    Your pictures are fantastic, every time. Mr. G is good, don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to dis him but your pictures have more of a draw for me but hey he’s probably the “she” to your shenanigans so good job to both of you.
    I’m off to celebrate tonight too – so glad Friday comes along every week.

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