Single Shot Monday: First Glint…

I snuck? sneaked? into a bestie’s backyard and took a few clicks. We’ll call it a single subject series of shots.

It’s a stretch for Single Shot Monday, but at least we’re keeping with the letter S today.

IMG_1837_autumn_vine_elengrey_september_2015 (906x1280)

I love these yellows and greens of autumn. I’m not sure of the leaf. Anyone?

IMG_1836_autumn_vine_2_elengrey_september_2015 (956x1280)

And we have a golden berry. A golden berry, folks.

I know. It just doesn’t take much for me.

IMG_1834_autumn_vine_3_elengrey_september_2015 (1280x956)

Let’s get horizontal.

With our clicks.

Although. At this hour of Monday, I could get horizontal.

Just for five.

It’s called weekend stimulus overload. Too much of a good thang.

In Other News ~

We are two weeks from Thanksgiving here in Canadaland. Two weeks!

Eek. I may squeak.

No. I won’t be putting up the Christmas tree the day after.

We saw The Intern on Saturday. De Niro and Hathaway were the wins for me. They have a marvelous onscreen chemistry, and I never tire of looking at those wonderful New York brownstones. Wanna pack my bag every time.

Every single time.

And Monday’s in the house.

Here’s mud in your eye, Monday!


12 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: First Glint…

    • 😀 😀 😀 Autumn…. fall. The leaf-turning, leaf-peeping, leaf-dropping, leaf-raking time of year. The git your socks and hoodies out time of year. Let the five-hour stew and root vegetables begin time of year. The whiskey at the end of the day time of year. Just kidding on that last one. Probably not. No autumn in your neck of Texas?


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