Humpity Day: My Life Was Simpler on the Pop-Tarts Trail…

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First, a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends!

I know it’s tomorrow. Not today. But if you are anything like Land of Lincoln sister, you are up to your eyeballs in potato peelings and pie dough and stuffing goodies, and plucked turkey and…

You won’t be around tomorrow.

I’m just here in my neck of Canadaland lazily stirring the steel cut oats. Brought out the big guns — the spurtle — for the first time this autumn. It’s cold and foggy and damp, and steel cut oats were the answer to #itswhatsforbreakfast this morning. They only take eleventy hundred years to make, which is about the time it will take me to write this post. So it’s all good. My life was simpler on the Pop-Tarts trail, but we don’t hike that sucker anymore.

This is still my favorite recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod, minus the whole torch thing. You don’t want to put me in the kitchen together with a torch in the morning. Well, anytime actually. And this is my spurtle from Lee Valley. It appeared in the Christmas stocking eight years ago. It’s seen a lot of oatmeal…

And I’ve been known to use it as a magical wand.

Harry Potter forevah!

It’s the clash of the seasons in my neighborhood. Christmas decorations are standing cheek to jowl with Harvest Home. Sometimes on the same property. Like mine. There are Christmas lights on the house and autumn leaves on the front door and giant gourds lounging about the frontscape.

I see deflated santas and snowmen on other frontscapes, just waiting for the flick of a switch. Reindeer are cavorting next to angels on lawns next door to scarecrows hanging with ornamental cabbages and cornstalks. We’re a multi-seasonal community.

I’m feeling the seasonal woozies.

The family units are beginning to hint about the Advent calendars. Subtle texts begin to show up…

It’s almost Advent calendar time! ::smiley face:: ::smiley face::

Six more days, guys. No worries. I’ve got it covered.

In Other News ~

Yesterday, I ordered a Tai Chi Latte instead of a Chai Tea Latte. I do that all the time. You do that too, right? Starbucks is getting used to me and my Tai Chi Latte ways.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just Chai Tea, I mean Tai Chi right through it.

Opening of Tai Chi…

Safe journeys, American travelers.


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  1. Cool spurtle. Not the first thing I pictured but hey, works for me. I have to change the decor outside, still have kale but I’m waiting for Dave to artistically pile some wood for me. I have so much shiz to do Elen, good thing I’m ‘keepin it simple.’ Happy Humidity Day to you.

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