Single Shot Monday: Tranquility… + Not

IMG_4402_bar_harbor_maine_september_2013 (1280x960)

Tranquility @ Bar Harbor, Maine 2013

I thought I should clean my glasses before I got started blogging this morning.

Then I thought I should clean the screen before I got started blogging this morning.

Then I thought I should update my calendar before I got started blogging this morning.

Then I thought I should dance about the office before I got started blogging this morning.

Then start a load of laundry.

Then eat the breakfast of champs.

Then — and this is the ultimate procrasti-writing go to — roll nickels.

This is what happens when you don’t blog for six days.

And yes, I have been up for a while now.

Blogging begets blogging. Hear me on this.

Both the G-Pup and myself are suffering the allergies this autumn. Both of us went to the vet last week. Only one of us was treated. Guess? It wasn’t me. Guess again. G-Pup is on antihistamines, and topical cream and wearing the cone of shame, so she won’t rip the hair right out of her haunch which — Hello! — she already did. And to stop the incessant licking.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I’m a light sleeper. I could say that once you have a child you never sleep again. That’s probably true, but I was a light sleeper before children. Even as a child.


On the weekend, the Geekess of Geekery sent me a link for an app for white noise — Relax M.S.P.

It’s broken down by seasons. Of course, I tested them all. Every single ambient sound. Since I love the sound of rain, I decided to give that a white noise spin on Saturday night. It was hard to choose a rain setting. Thunderstorm, Rain Fall, Fine Rain, Camping Rain. I started with Rain, set it for an hour and plugged in.

If you have a recommendation for really cushy earbuds, shout out in the comment section. I’m begging you!

A few minutes in…

I really need to pee.

Scampers out of bed.

Maybe Rain Fall wasn’t such a good idea.

Switches to Fine Rain.

Too high pitched.

Switches to Camping Rain.

I’m 25 minutes into the hour, so I reset the timer.

The next thing I know my brain is

Siiiiiingin’ the rain! Just siiiiiingin’ in the rain!

I’m Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds rolled into one yellow slicker with a black umbrella and… Singin’ in the Rain.

Not sleepin’. Singin’.

Time to regroup.

Let’s try Downtown.

Nope. People are talking.  T a l k i n g .

Wipers. Whap. Whap. Whap.


Switch to a different season — winter.


Oh, God. All I can think about is snow-blowing and shoveling.

Traffic in Snow.

I can hear my mother… Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.

Now I’m thinking about laundry.

Winter Wind. Whoooooo. Whoooooo.


Winter Wind + Traffic in Snow.

And nope.

Yes, you can combine sounds.

I am now clicking sound combos.

I am in the clicking combo zone.

Aaaand… my hour is up.

One last stab.


And we have a winner.

Snap, crackle.


And Monday is in the house!


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8 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Tranquility… + Not

  1. As one light sleeper to another – I totally relate! White noise doesn’t help me at all – just spins me off in all the wrong directions. If it is any comfort at all, a few people have mentioned to me that they didn’t sleep well last night…… Perhaps it’s the moon … Or the wind … Or the low pressure system. But not one of them came close to describing the journey to sleep with your delightful wit! 😀 Here’s to a better night tonight….

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