So It Continues…

IMG_2272_holiday_lighting_1_elengrey_2015 (1280x720)

And there was light!

One of the things I most love about this time of year is the extra bits of light that get plunked everywhere.

Inside and outside.

And all around the house.

This is on a coffee table. It’s a beloved platter, which I found at a flea market, topped with glass ornaments, both precious and semi-precious, some gold sprayed pine cones in an ordinary glass dish, and the tiniest of lights running through it.

IMG_2273_holiday_lighting_2_elengrey_december_2015 (1280x1280)

Black & White!

Because we love it. We love it.

I might have been watching White Christmas. Mebbe.

Like November, December can be darksome and graysome, which it certainly has this year in my neck of Canadaland with its fog and balmy temperatures.

So we like the light.



I have no funny for you today.

Bring me some funny.


Elen… without the funny.

15 thoughts on “So It Continues…

  1. Love the platter and the ornaments, great tables-cape. I like the picture in color the best, very festive and a really nice flat lay.
    Ok, So what do Gingerbread men sleep on?
    …Cookie Sheets. Ha,ha. He,he, Ho, ho. That’s all I got today Elen. Worked on my girl, actually I think I saw an eye roll but that’s all I got today.

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  2. I wish I had the oomph to teach myself about photography. I have a great camera just no oomph. It’s been graysome and darksome here too so I thoroughly enjoyed your photos. There’s not enough Christmas-celebraters where I live and sadly not enough lights on homes. Could also be outrageous cost of hydro?

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  3. Can’t stand the long hours of dark, either. Even in western NY, it gets old, fast. So, let’s sing…”This little light of mine, I’m gonna make it shine…” (Thank you Trini Lopez, I think). Are you laughing yet???

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