TBT: This is how…

… I ride the GO.

… I think about characters.

And this is how we’re rolling for Throwback Thursday — #tbt — this third Thursday in December.

And this is one of the few posts on this site without an image.

I’ll have to rectify that today.

This is a throwback to 2008. Eons ago.

Hahahaha. I typed “ions ago” first.

Shoulda just stuck with eleventy-hundred years.


It’s Him…

The man in the Brooks Brothers suit. It’s him. My next story hero.

I have to tell you. I was riding the GO Train home last week at the Crush Hour. Standing room only. I was hanging onto a pole with one hand, balancing my bags with the other. The train rolled to a stop and up climbed Brooks Brothers.

I never thought of myself as a suit-lover, but I went instantly on the alert. I had plenty of time to check him out without checking him out, if you know what I mean. I’ll leave that up to the heroine.

He had to squeeze in next to me. He dropped L.C.B.O. and Bay bags at his impeccably shod feet and began reading the investment section of the paper. The fact that he was reading the investment section was a turn-on. Okay. That’s so not my type, so I knew I was looking at him through the eyes of my next heroine.

He was tall, long-legged, lean, and dark with short clipped hair, which made him look more hot than intelligent, though I’m sure he wasn’t lacking there. He had long narrow fingers and would periodically whip a Blackberry out of his inside pocket and check messages. I didn’t have to work hard at taking in the detail; he was standing only inches from me.

He wore thin dark frames over barely navy eyes. His five o’clock shadow matched his hair perfectly. Both were black. He could have been a cliché, but he wasn’t.

My stories always, always start with character. And just about anything can trigger them. Does it work that way for you?

I really can’t afford to spend any time with Brooks Brothers right now. He’s going to have to sit on the back burner while I finish what I’m currently doing. I can’t wait to hear his voice. But that’s okay. While he’s back there, he just might conjure up my heroine for me. While he’s at it, he can tell me all about that Flying Tiger jacket he’s got tucked away in his closet….. and what that scent is he’s wearing. Maybe it’s just him.

I love my work.

Sometimes, I talk about writing over here.

Just sayin.


A Christmas tree image.

True Confessions ~ I love watercolors.

I’d put up an image of HIM, but you have to conjure up your own Brooks Brothers.

Have yourself a merry little GO ride…


Note: This image is a licensed, royalty-free image from Fotolia.com. No poaching, please.

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  1. Well, what can I say? Brooks Brothers, shod and two bags from upscale stores, plus cologne? Reading the business page on his blackberry, you did say blackberry, didn’t you? And not driving a dashing speedster of some sort? I think he’s a gigolo (Louis Prima). Of course, being retired, the only scent I seem to carry is a wild animal scent from rough housing with my dog. And my suits are now jeans…reminds me, go back to my blog and scroll down to find ‘Today, I Wore Bluejeans’. Fits right in yo what I’m saying. It’s a can’t miss laugher. Let me know.

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