Fridaaaaay!… Pass the Christmas Kegger, Please

There is a reason G-Man has Christmas card writing on his seasonal To-Do. For I am the crash of doom Christmas card penner, and have just settled in with my silver flask Earl Grey, good pen, and international stamps to crank out the seasonal greetings.

FYI ~ The bulk of our cards were mailed in early December.

FYI ~ My personal list — well, your card will arrive by New Year. Mebbe. If I consider using delivery drones. I’m right behind you Amazon.

The good news is that I took a lot of time selecting the cards. No rummaging through the leftovers from last year.

I bought current postage. No cards are being sent with a string of one cent stamps wrapped around the envelope this year.

I used only the good stamps!

I took the time to write out Ontario and Illinois and Montana, etc. No ON, IL, MT. It was the Full Monty, I mean province or state.

The prose flowed, as much as the tiniest card on the planet would allow.

Dear Si..

Note to self: Buy cards larger than the postage stamps next year.

This is my way of saying I’m sitting here in my straight-backed chair — card writing is serious business — wearing my Hallmark gingerbread men earrings and penning seasonal prose.

Did I mention I used the good pen?

Fridaaay! in all its inky glory.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Sorry. Elen’s not allowed to come out and play until she finishes her cards.

Pass the Christmas kegger, please.


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