Single Shot Monday: On the Wrong Side…

IMG_3621_directionally_challenged_elengrey_june_2012 (949x1280)

Directionally Challenged

That is what these trees are.

Not really.

They are all arms and legs supermodels.

Not really.

They are slipper-wearing giants. Slippers on big feet with long toes.

It’s a horror.

Not really.

Middle Earth-ish.

They are one of my favorite trees.


They are the Monday single shot.

In Other News ~


I’m getting up on the wrong side of winter.

I swish my tail.

It’s not that we’re getting snowmageddon, nor am I hankering for it. And if you are, pace yourself with that snow shoveling.

Far from it. Texas has probably had more snow than my neck of Canadaland. And we kind of expect snow in the Great White North. Ya know? We’re supposed to be living in the land of down parkas and balaclavas and insulated boots with thick tread, sleds and saucers and cross-country skis and ice skates, hot chocolate and Beaver Tails. Ice melt and snowblowers and snowplows and shovel-wielding snow-hotties.

It’s a waste of a good flu shot.

G-Man will not be able to read this post today without smacking his head. He is happy as a pig in whatever pigs are happy in that tomorrow will border on 40 Fahren, which feels like the beginning of barbecue season around here, while I am wishing my nose and eyes would stop running in the longest allergy season ever.

Southern Ontario is living up to its name.

In Other, Other News ~

We finally saw Bridge of Spies. Mark Rylance. The end.

Sunday was a total house potato day.

Now it’s your turn. Go.

And Monday is in the house.


Elen, the Whiner


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  1. It’s going to be 6 degrees here tomorrow and Wednesday. Our poor igloo is going to take a beating! I’m hoping it softens in the warm air then refreezes even more solid at night. I hope it doesn’t collapse. My parents were in the the thick of the storm! 16 inches!

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