TBT: Just Keepin’ It Real…

In an effort to make Throwback Thursday — #tbt — about writing, because when this blog first began it was all about writing, here’s a post about some sage writerly advice.

This be a blog quickie.

It happens.

Hair Gone Wild…

Once upon a time today, Elen the Writer trudged to the kitchen for a good soap & rinse of her hair. She wrapped it in a towel, staggered back to her office, and plunked herself down to finish the damn book! — the piece of writing advice that has been No. 1 on the charts since writing began. Just ask any published writer.

Here’s a second piece of advice. It should at least be No. 5 on the charts. Don’t become so focused — while you spend the next hours working out how you’re going to get Heathcliff off the moor, or heating up the keyboard with that steamy Ted & Alice bedroom scene you’re pounding out — that you forget about your towel-turbaned hair.

Unless, of course, you want your hair to look like this —

Spring Chick Gone Wild

Yeah. You should get air miles with this. Just sayin’.

Hair Gone Wild… (2008)


Just keepin’ it real.

And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.

Today is a rush and a crush.

I’m having a rush and crush kind of Thursday.



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  1. You first advice is very sound and, yes, what every writer and coach and agent and publisher says. I see the point of the second advice, too, but I promise you, for me it will never be a problem if I forget a towel wrapped around my head. I guess you need some hair on top of the head before a forgotten towel turban becomes somewhat problematic.

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