Fridaaaaay! + Six More Things…

You know what?

It’s just a rush and crush week.

Company’s comin’.

Somebody has a birthday this weekend.

No. Not me.


Let’s go with another six things you don’t know about me, unless you’re related. And if you’re related, I hope you’re not reading this blog. Just sayin’.

[Looks over shoulder for the G-Man, the G-Pup, the Geekess…]

Six More Things ~

~ I’m easily startled unless I’m writing. Then a kangaroo piloting a helicopter could hover in my writing space and I wouldn’t notice.

~ I like a Gibson.

~ I used to play handball or racquetball on my lunch hours.

~ I prefer to be near the water rather than on it, which didn’t stop me from going sailing or learning how to swim.

~ I’ve never understood the appeal of grapefruit.

~ I love jigsaw puzzles.

Let’s just spend a moment back in Bar Harbor, Maine.

IMG_4382_bar_harbor_maine_1_september_2013 (1280x1066)

Yeah. Let’s do that.


Tell me one thing about you.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


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29 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay! + Six More Things…

  1. Gibson? You play guitar? I used to love raquetball. (Hard to even find a court these days.)
    For me – I’d rather spend my time playing the piano than just about anything.

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  2. I find myself a little too often in a middle of a conversation and not having picked up a single word. Maybe I should find some more interesting friends?… But, seriously, no grapefruit?! And are you talking about Gibson guitars or Mel Gibson (it’s a big difference)?

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  3. As a career salesperson, I love knowing about other peeps. Thanks for the insight… Me? I’m bald (only on top) and I love it. You ought to see how fast I can get out of the locker room at the Y while other guys are still combing their waves.

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