So… You know… Like…

Tuesday rolls around with great regularity.

I noticed this phenomenon about the time I gave up Mon-Wed-Fri blogging for Mon to Fri blogging.

Week after week, Tuesday just shows up.

Right after Monday.

Like it has the right.

Talk about entitlement.

This will take some getting used to.

Have you noticed that too?

I’ve also noticed that it’s no longer required to use a comma before too when you’re writing a sentence like — Have you noticed that too?

This too shall take some getting used to.

Apparently, I don’t need commas there either.

I’m living life at the Adjustment Bureau.

It’s too much I tell you.

Did you see that movie too?

Somebody stop me now.

All I need is to be able to work in the word tu-tu here, and I will be a happy blogging camper.

Too true.

Don’t event get me started on two.

Let’s rock some music by a duo. A duo being two.

Moving right along.

Five duos I have known and loved ~

vintage bicycle air horn

The Righteous Brothers

Simon & Garfunkel

Sam & Dave

Brooks & Dunn

Sonny & Cher

One clip. Not two.

Also, I love me some Daft Punk and Blues Brothers.

I love me some Daft Punk and Blues Brothers too.

Give me a musical duo you know and love.


Tuesday, y’all.

It’s too much.




15 thoughts on “So… You know… Like…

  1. Hey Elen, cheers to Tuesday. Loved your post. I feel off the internet last week -it was a real thing but I’m back this week and I’ll be sending some comments your way as I get caught up.
    My fave duo of all time was Tears for Fears. These days it’s Poison & Wine and Amos Lee and whoever.
    I’d pay $0.10 to see Donald Trump driving up and down my street in a tu tu, while driving a bike!

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  2. After reading your post, I listened to S&G, too, and was reminded how my wife an I had our longest ‘public display of affection’ (y’know, making out) in our college lounge, to that song. Thanks for the post and stimulating that memory…too!

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