Single Shot Monday… +

quartet_pei_farm_day_elengrey_september_2012 (1280x956)

This is one of my fave clicks from our trip to Prince Edward Island in 2012.

If you’ve seen it before, then git back to your desk. Stat.

I’m third from the left.

Is that all there is?

Yes, that’s all there is.

If that’s all there is…

Then let’s there ain’t no mo’.

This be the quickest of blog quickies.

And Monday is in the house.


5 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday… +

  1. Omg, I read the ‘I’m 3rd from the left’ and thought ‘what kind of badass day is this?, Elen posted a pic of herself…’
    Ha,ha you have a very funny and wicked sense of humor.

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