#TBT: Look Familiar?…

Paper Airplane



In an effort to make Throwback Thursday — #tbt — about writing, because when this blog first began it was all about writing, here’s a post that requires no explanation, but I’ll explain it anyway.

Look familiar?


It Happens…

I’ve spent four days with one ear plugged. Even reading posts and email, I go — eh? what? So. Today, you get this.

Sometimes, writing is like…


It can be hard to find your way!


It Happens… 2008


This is truth.

You just have to keep slogging.

Put something on the blank page.

Meaningless drivel.

Start there.

After a while, it won’t be meaningless drivel anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a novel or a blog post.

It’s the same.

The struggle is real.

Has this ever been your struggle?

That little chicky is one of my favorite images. It speaks volumes.

And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.



17 thoughts on “#TBT: Look Familiar?…

  1. Eventually you wander off the edge of the table and break the shell against the linoleum, and you’re back in business! As soon as you figure out how to get back up on the table.

    Or maybe it’s like the (usually) figurative statement about repeatedly bashing our heads against the wall or our keyboard because something has us stumped — eventually, the shell breaks and… the eggshells in your keyboard will still give you an excuse to procrastinate.

    Wait – It’s a metaphor for trying to force an idea out into the world before it has had sufficient time to incubate!

    I still feel like there are layers of meaning I haven’t even begun to crack through.

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  2. I was asked to write a guest post once and I had no idea where to go with after the first paragraph. So instead of writing well, I wrote poorly. I went back and did some big time editing later and it all worked out in the end 🙂 Isn’t it the worst when the ideas are there but the words just won’t come out?

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  3. Couldn’t agree more. The more I like to write, the harder it becomes, or so it seems. The, I’ll have a flash, write some dribble, look at it later and say to myself, “that’s crap”, and start editing. You know the drill…But thanks for reinforcing my frustration with the process. I should take a class.

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