Humpity Day: Put A Hashtag On It…


That’s not my rolling pin.

Just sayin’.

I’m baking a boule today.

Today, I am baking a boule.

There will not be a chickpea, lentil, or black bean. Or any other bean.

Bean there. Done that.

Sorry! I couldn’t help myself.

See you on Friday, pulses.

This is my brain on Humpity Day.

Should I make a poached egg on avo toast for breakfast or steel cut oats? #winterbreakfastrut #icouldjusteattheleftovergnocchi

Should I paint the fireplace? It needs a do-over. #thatsjustcrazytalk #mebbe

Now that it’s snowed five inches of the good stuff, I’m thinking about my vegetable garden and gerberas. #thegrassisalwaysgreener #nopunintended

I’m thinking I’d better start the mammoth interior painting project before I change my everlovin’ color mind. Again. #itsonlytakeneleventyhundredyearstodecide #stopbeingsuchavirgo

I’m thinking about the expression on G-Man’s face if I asked him to move a bank of upper kitchen cupboards from one wall to another. #crazytalk #call911

I’m thinking this would be the last post I would ever write. #lastwords #restinpeace #seeabove

I’m thinking we all should just stare at this for a minute. #justdoit



Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just put a #hashtag on it.



9 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Put A Hashtag On It…

  1. We had 10 degrees and pouring down rain last night and today. It really put a hurtin’ on the snow! But not so much to make it all disappear. They’re calling for more next week 🙂 Nice shot of the flowers? Are those crocuses?

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  2. Paint the damn fireplace. A fresh coat always brightens one’s outlook and motivates you to do another job. I did a bedroom, liked it so much that I did a bathroom (ValDayGift) and now I want to do the hall…I’m high on paint fumes and have your keep on going, like the rabbit. Leave the cabs where they are and let the Gman rest…..

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