So… Fun With Apps…

We’re having a wee bit of snow today. I almost believe I live in the Great White North.



IMG_2732_cartoonatic_snow_2_elengrey_february_2016 (598x800)

Fun with apps!

These are salvage chairs, and they sit it my garden year round. Sometimes, there are pumpkins and gourds resting on them. Sometimes, there are herbs or showy little annuals. And sometimes, there’s a pigmunk or zombie squirrel.

There are more than a few camera apps on my smartphone, but I still have a thang for Cartoonatic.

IMG_2733_cartoonatic_snow_1_elengrey_february_2016 (800x598)

Another Cartoonatic treatment.

Even the naked winter hydrangea looks good.

IMG_2734_snow_glaze_elengrey_february_2016 (956x1280)

And then there’s Glaze.

Love me some Glaze.


Who’s got some great camera apps?

Tell me. Tell me now.

Tuesday, y’all.


10 thoughts on “So… Fun With Apps…

  1. I really like both images a lot-but the chairs are particularly cool. My Go-tos include Snapseed, Stackables and Formulas-I like the Jixi Pix apps too and iColorama. Have not tried Cartoonatic, but will be checking that out. Leonardo is scary, but am figuring my way around it-

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  2. Irony have the patience to experiment with a lot of apps, perhaps someday I’ll be apt to try it. So I stick with my ol’ buddy ‘Camera+’. It cost $3 US, probably $9.99 C, but it’s worth it. Do you know if it?

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