So… Fun With Apps…

We’re having a wee bit of snow today. I almost believe I live in the Great White North.



IMG_2732_cartoonatic_snow_2_elengrey_february_2016 (598x800)

Fun with apps!

These are salvage chairs, and they sit it my garden year round. Sometimes, there are pumpkins and gourds resting on them.¬†Sometimes, there are herbs or showy little annuals. And sometimes, there’s a pigmunk or zombie squirrel.

There are more than a few camera apps on my smartphone, but I still have a thang for Cartoonatic.

IMG_2733_cartoonatic_snow_1_elengrey_february_2016 (800x598)

Another Cartoonatic treatment.

Even the naked winter hydrangea looks good.

IMG_2734_snow_glaze_elengrey_february_2016 (956x1280)

And then there’s Glaze.

Love me some Glaze.


Who’s got some great camera apps?

Tell me. Tell me now.

Tuesday, y’all.