Single Shot Monday: Something’s Got A Hold…

IMG_0217_lilac_elengrey_may_2015 (1280x1230)

… on me.

These lilacs just never get old for me. Never evah.

It seems silly to be counting the days until spring, when we haven’t really had Canadian winter in my neck of Canadaland.

But I am.

Not that I don’t love four-season living. It’s just…

It’s just…

I’m pining.

Pining for seeds and soil and garden boots.

Okay, mine are out all year round for Golden poop patrol. Just keepin’ it real.

And windows open and fresh tomatoes on the vine and tender peas climbing the chicken wire trellis and…

Flirty skirts and open-toed shoes — begone thick socks of winter! — and ponytails.

And that first taste of gelato.

Get the picture?

Something’s got a hold on me, Ms. Etta.

Must be love.

Then again, it might be Monday.

Sometimes, I like to keep it short and sweet.

And Monday is in the house.

Dream a little, y’all.


15 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Something’s Got A Hold…

  1. I went for a walk this morning Elen and when I got back the sun was shining. Wanna know what I did? I cracked open my greenhouse. YUP. That’s a good sign that spring is on the way. I don’t know about you but I don’t put any stock in that dumb ol ground hog. My Bday is the 1st day of spring and ground hog or not, I always get older. Ba,ha,ha.

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      • To be honest Elen, the walk wasn’t what I was hoping for. As you know I’ve been working through some personal stuff that is linked to PTSD. I actually came out of my skin, I was hyper stimulated, that’s why I went in the greenhouse. Ha,ha. To calm down and remind myself I’m not a total wack-job.
        Right now, the greenhouse has a brugsmania, some creeping salvia, a couple of sedums. Empty pots, a watering can. I also have the bottom half of a hosier cabinet that is my potting station. I also have a bright blue (almost neon) chair and side table. It is a 8 x 10 ft piece of heaven. I start seeds early, grow a greenhouse cucumber that doesn’t need to be pollinated called Inznik hybrid. And I’m addicted to scented geraniums (although they aren’t geraniums at all). I always have a pot of lemon verbena in there too.


  2. I get the picture—and there is indeed quite something lovely about the spring, a feeling of hope and excitement. But I do like all four seasons, too, and I have to admit I am still not done with winter. Which of course is good for me, since it’s still not over. 🙂

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