Humpity Day: Behindhand…


That is the word of the day.

No. It isn’t.


That is the word of the day.

Do you realize how many meanings the word ‘behind’ has? Like a gazillion, but who’s counting? Too many for me to list here without causing an e-riot.

I thought I was behind, but I’m really behindhand.


adj (1535) 1 : being in arrears 2 a : being in an inferior position b : being behind schedule (Merriam Webster’s 10th Ed.)

I’m a 2 b, which is totally different from a 36B. Get that straight right now.

Not that I’m saying I’m a 36B. That is strictly need to know info. And FYI… TMI.

We’re speaking in numbers and letters today.

Might even be bordering on gibberish or jibberish.

Moving right along.

White Rabbit Syndrome

A to Z Challenge 2016… not started.

House painting… not started.

Seed catalogues… not started.

Humpity Day post… still not posted @ 3:26 pm.

New site theme… not finished.

Writers have a catchall — WIP — work in progress. Just a palatable way of saying not finished, not done

So. You could put WIP by each in the list above, but really…


That’s me.

So let’s just ease over this Hump Day with a little Madeleine Peyroux, one of my absolutely fave jazz singer/songwriters. A huge talent. 

Don’t Wait Too Long

This was the last track for the movie The Answer Man (2009) and written by Madeleine Peyroux, Jesse Harris and Larry Klein.

And Humpity Day is in the house.



8 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Behindhand…

  1. Whoa, love that song. How come I’ve never heard it before? Going to iTunes to pick it up and will be adding it to our Family Night pizza playlist.
    Thanks for sharing. Gotta love me some jazz.

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  2. There’s nothing wrong with being a little behind…unless you Kim K. Holy cow, Batgirl!!! Even the picture wasn’t fun to look at…too long. I don’t know what was behind that behind picture but I was besides myself when I first saw it. But it’s all behind us now I’ll just stick with my paint ‘can’.

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  3. I’m behindhand in reading and commenting, but I’m getting caughtuphand. When I hear behind, I hear bee hind, posterior, gluteus maximus. So really, I didn’t read past 2B. Or not 2B. Or 36B

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