#TBT: This is super scientific…

Paper Airplane

… not.

I know all you writers/bloggers/creatives out there have an at home uniform for banging out the words/art/music/whatevs.

Am I right?


Maybe it’s only me.

I don’t think so.

I wrote a little post about that in 2011.


Writer wear…

I’m in the writing zone today. And in that zone, there be writer wear. This is what my winter writer wear consists of on any given day.

The bottom — yoga pants. I like Roots brand a) because I live in Canadaland, b) because they have a beaver in their logo, c) because they last forever, d) the comfy factor is high, high, high.

FYI — This is not me. Those feet look suspiciously like my feet; but that derrière…um…no. Only if you were using the zoom out function on your Google Maps.

The top — a nondescript black tee with something written on it like Who’s your crawdaddy? or I’ve decided to put myself in charge, or Normal people scare me. Something that keeps the neighbors from ringing the doorbell.

The very bottom — fuzzy socks.

I have a gazillion pair. Yeah. I’m too sexy for my feet.

The very top — to complete my winter writer wear ensemble, the hoodie.

Okay. That’s not me either. Just in case you were wondering. Although, sometimes I look like that when I’m writing. The pink. The pink is all mine.

So what’s your winter writer wear?

Inquiring minds and all that.

Writer wear… (2011)


The spring/summer writer wear doesn’t look much different from the fall/winter.

Swap out long yoga pants for cropped yoga pants or shorts.

Swap out the tee for a… tee.

Swap out fuzzy socks for flip-flops and a pedi.

Swap out the hoodie for a hand held portable fan. I haven’t figured how to type fast with one hand.


I wanna hear about that feathery boa or lucky baseball cap lid you’re wearing when you write/blog/create.

What’s your writer wear?

And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.



6 thoughts on “#TBT: This is super scientific…

  1. Holy Cripes you crack me up. Who’s your craw daddy. Ba,ha,ha. You should make screen prints of your sayings and put them on shirt and sell em’ on the blog. You’d be rich baby.
    I have no uni, I’ve written in every state except nude. Eeeew, I shudder. There is no zoom out lenses big enough. ha,ha.

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  2. I’m still laughing at ” the zoom out function on your Google Maps”. I don’t have a uniform, but a nice cold Coke sure does help. Except for the next 3 weeks. Thank you Lent for making me give up pop again. Back on track… it’s good to be comfy when creating!

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  3. Whatever I’m wearing (or wherever I’m sitting) when in idea or line pops into my melon. I should be more disciplined. By the way, ‘derrière’, is that French Canadian or just French. It’s one of those words that rolls off your lips.

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