Single Shot Monday: Creamy Dreamy + True Confessions…

This is what March looks like in my neck of Canadaland…

IMG_3464_this_is_march_elengrey_march_2012 (1280x960)


This was taken at Lake Ontario on 4 March, 2012.

It looks all wild and woolly… and nekkid. And slightly agitated.

Much like the inhabitants of this great province. Wild and woolly and slightly agitated that is. I can’t won’t speak to the nekkid part. Don’t ask. And I won’t tell.

And if we can only hold out a couple of months…

IMG_0870_pink_rose_elengrey_june_2011 (1280x719)

Isn’t that just creamy dreamy?

I want to go steady with that creamy dreamy rose.

I gave you an extra shot for Single Shot Monday.

February has an extra day, so it’s all good.


True Confessions ~

I did not watch the Oscars last night.


Just wasn’t feeling the Oscar love. I read a book instead.

We had the Oscar food without the Oscars.

Hey, hey, hey.

And Monday is in the house.

Let’s just leap right over it.

Happy Leap Day!


8 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Creamy Dreamy + True Confessions…

  1. Nice pictures Elen. I’m holding out for Spring…it’s rough though. I put up my Spring decorations outside yesterday. A wreath and a couple other goodies and they are whipping around in the tornado weather today! Here a quote for us, “Who do you know that throws open a window in the winter and shouts out “Thank Goodness It’s Freezing!”?
    It should be Spring already.
    P.S. We didn’t Oscar last night either. Whatcha eat?

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