So… Boom… Dead Squirrel?…

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We’re waiting for a winter storm to hit. 5-8 inches? 8-12 inches? Mama Weather has her poker face on.

What better way to ring in March than with a winter storm, eh?

That’s rhetorical, including the eh?


Bread baking and soup making is on the menu.

The bread is a buttermilk dough loaf from #Breadin5 aka The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, p 327 if you’ve got it. If you don’t — get it.

The soup is a peasant pot, for I come from good peasant stock.

Just start with that vegetable base of onion, celery and carrot.

Can I get an amen?

I like a little garlic after that. Then we’re going to rub some dry herbs in there. I’m partial to the thyme and some Italian seasoning.

Working with the winter pantry. Ain’t no fresh herbs, baby.

Stock. I’m using no salt vegetable today. #itswhatsinthepantry

Pantry’s looking bare.

Some ham chunks from the freezer. Back to the pantry. Black beans, white kidney beans. Some Italian seasoned tomatoes. And let’s just throw in a cup of red lentils… because we can.


Some sea salt. A grind or twenty of pepper.

We’re just going to let that simmer on the stove while the bread is resting before baking.

And then…


Not just a word in a WordPress post.

A real boom.

The power goes out before I leave the kitchen.

Then it pops back in, but no internet.

We run out the front door looking for an accident at the corner.


G-Man looks at me….

Dead squirrel?


You’ll get this once the internet comes out of hiding.

Maybe the boom scared the crap out of the internet.

Who can say.

Waiting for the storm.

March, y’all.

Tuesday, y’all.


p.s. I still like that Insta image processed with the Glaze app. Yes, I do. Seemed right for what’s coming.

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  1. This is fun. I know my weather 3 days in advance. Whatever you get, you send our way. The forecasters are predicting 15-20cm (it was 10-15 yesterday). 4-6 inches? 6-8 inches? Only Mama Natures knows. Right now we’re getting blown to Oz. Glad to see your internet came out of hiding!

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