Fridaaaaay!… Hello, Blondie!

As promised for the 10th and last week of #PulsePledge, I went with a dessert.


Dessert with pulses in it?

Lentils, you say?

I know.

I was doing the shock without the awe too.

They are in the oven as I clack out this post.

This dessert.

Lentil Blondies from Canadian Lentils

First, this is easy peasy.

And it only makes an 8 x 8 pan of blondies.

So if you’re not lovin’ it — though I don’t know why you wouldn’t — you don’t have a lot to gift to the UPS guy.

IMG_2839_lentil_blondies_1_elengrey_march_2016 (1280x1280)

The Beginning!

I just used the immersion blender to purée those lentils. Greenish yum.

IMG_2843_lentil_blondies_2_elengrey_march_2016 (1280x1280)

And It Was Good!

Some people — who shall remain nameless — in this casa cannot eat tree nuts, so I threw in some extra chocolate chips, because who doesn’t love chocolate? I didn’t want those chips spaced too far apart. They might get lonely.

IMG_2849_lentil_blondies_3_elengrey_march_2016 (1280x1280)

The Muddle in the Middle!

Hello! If I hadn’t put the lentil purée in there myself, I would never have known there was a pulse in this blondie.

IMG_2858_lentil_blondies_4_elengrey_march_2016 (1280x1280)

The End!

Who wants a bite?

I ate mine warm. Right out of the pan.

This was a verra fine blondie.

It passed the G-Man test too.

Sorry, UPS guy.

And thus endeth 10 weeks of #PulsePledge.

We’ve always eaten a goodly amount of pulses in our house for I am the Queen of Soup.

Yes. I am Soup Queen.

You are not Soup Queen.

But over the last ten weeks I’ve used pulses in ways that I never thought I would. And I will continue to do so going forward. So many recipes. So little time.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

And if this experience has inspired you to take the 10-week pledge yourself, just click on that hashtag below. It’s International Year of Pulses!

#PulsePledge #LovePulses

Here be Friday.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Actually, I’ve been under the weather this week.

[Lays head on desk. Moans.]

Just carry on without me.



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