Single Shot Monday: put a stripe on it…


A Little Light Magic!

Working on story, I looked up and the light hit the door just right and turned this red stocking into a striped one.

You can tell this stocking belongs to G-Pup by the ornament hanging from the top. Heh.

We had our first good snowfall last night. Six inches. Schools are open, but transit experienced delays and some school buses weren’t running.

A stranger — a good Samaritan — a new neighbor — hauled his snowblower out and did our walk and driveway before I even got my boots on.

I tried to offer him something with my thanks. He shook his head and said, “We’re going to be neighbors for a couple of years. That’s what neighbors do. Help each other.”

I feel gratitude.

I see some of What’s Gaby Cooking Chocolate Chip Banana Bread in his future. Best ever. It’s what neighbors do.

Welcome, neighbor!

And Monday is in the house.

Git shoveling baking working.

Just git to it.


7 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: put a stripe on it…

  1. I LOVE you header photo. And I love neighbors who shovel each other’s driveways. The boys shoveled our neighbor’s driveway this morning before school. They ended up being joined by 2 kids on the other side of our neighbor (our neighbor’s neighbor?) and the 4 of ’em got it done lickety spit. It’s what neighbors do! Our neighbor also happens to be their gym teacher 🙂

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