Humpity Day: Roar…


March is going out with a roar. In my neck of Canadaland, it will be a wet roar. To the north to the east, it will be a freezing wet roar… and/or a white roar.

Roar, Roar, ROAR!

I’m just going to think of the possibilities.

Being in an at-home-rental frame of mind, we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last night (2016). Besides the beasts, my favorite character was non-magical. And that is all I will say until you’ve had a chance to see it. Oh, except it was thoroughly delightful.

Here be Wednesday in all its Humpity Day glory.

The last one of roary old March.

Let’s just watch the squirrels cavort.


12 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Roar…

  1. I do feel like I’m holding my breath until March ends. Usually I’m all about it, but this year our weather has been off– and I want to be done with this month. Think I’ll take your advice and watch the squirrels cavort until we’re safely into April.

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