Single Shot Monday: Somebody Put…


Baby in the corner!

No. I do not shy away from color.

You saw just the tip of this darling in The Last Post of 2017. She now stands at 25 3/4 from bottom of her green stem to her blossom top. I’ve noticed she likes to grow in 3/4 time. I had to take the plant porn out of my office window over the garage and put it in the living room because — you know — the neighbors were beginning to gather on the front walk and whisper.

All four buds are open now. I’ve never had so much fun growing anything indoors.

I had to find someplace to put her where I could get a decent blossom shot and ended up on the landing of the upstairs stairwell. Yes. That floor is painted blueberry blue.

Anybody else out there growing an amaryllis?

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it by the Y and hang on!


10 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Somebody Put…

  1. Your amaryllis is gorgeous. You are queen of the amaryllis scene. I tried to grow one this year and it was a dreary red color with only 3 flowers. Rather disappointing. But your pink one rocks.

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