Single Shot Monday: And All the Answers…

Is it April yet? 

And a good Monday to you all.

I meant to post my answers on Friday, but one of my fave people trained from Niagara Falls to Toronto for a meet up.

We walked and talked. Sat over coffee and talked. Sat over tea and hot chocolate and talked. Lunched and talked. Shopped and talked.

For eleventy hundred hours.

We hit all the cobblestones at the Distillery District.

Threw her back on the train and sped in opposite directions from The Six.

It’s what Fridays were meant for.


Here are my answers to the questions in the previous post.

  1. Twisted knot pretzels or pretzel sticks? – Twisted knot pretzels. Chocolate dipped wouldn’t hurt.
  2. Dill pickles or bread and butter pickles? – Both. All the pickles. My love for pickles is freakish.
  3. Print book or e-book? – Both, but e-book is more road trip friendly.
  4. Board game or computer game? – Board
  5. Ice skates or roller skates? – Roller. Anything on ice or snow is just an ass-thumping moment. I am that klutz.
  6. Red Twizzlers or Junior Mints? – At the theater/show/movies, Red Twizzlers are for action/thriller/sci-fi. Junior Mints are for comedy/romance/fantasy. Popcorn is for stayin’ in. Anything goes for Disney.
  7. Sudoku or crossword? – Crossword, but my favorite are word search puzzles.

And Monday is in the house.

Own it.


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  1. Nothing as good as a good social reunion. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with one of your favourite people. You photo is gorgeous and does bring associations to spring. Here where I am, we have temperatures down to minus 10 degrees (Celsius) so pretty winter like.

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