Single Shot Monday: So… DST

Just Peachy!

The price of supermarket tulips finally came down enough for me to buy a bouquet or two for the casa. This is my favorite color. Don’t tell.


Daylight Saving Time… screws with everybody, which brings us to National Napping Day today, which I first typed as National Nappy Day because — you know – day after Daylight Saving Time.

Take a quick 10 minute nap this afternoon. You’ll feel better for it. So they say. Just don’t do it while crossing the road.

Personally, I’ve never been able to take a quick 10 minute nap. It takes me an hour just to settle down. I was always that kid. G-Man can sleep standing up. I’m so jelly.

I’m making Dennis the Prescott’s chicken stock from EAT DELICIOUS today. This is the fourth time. It’s a keeper. You can find him here on Insta. His food photog is to die for.

And Monday is in the house.

Git on it.


9 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: So… DST

  1. I love tulips! That pic is gorgeous! I may have to buy a bunch this week. Also, seriously, I don’t understand the 10-minute nap thing. I want a 2-hour nap if I get a chance to take one.

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