#TBT: This Might Be True…




Since I just got the locks trimmed and highlighted and blown all around, this throwback post dropped down into the just do it part of the brain.

Here we go.

It’s easier to find a hero than a hair stylist…

If I’m looking for a hero, I can go to the bookstore and pull him right off the rack. Ever do that with a hair stylist? Nope. Not gonna happen.

When it comes to a stylist, I don’t like change. When we first moved to this community from our previous locale, I spent a year traveling two hours every six weeks to see my former stylist. He was perfect. He had long, curly, blond hair with natural highlights that I now spend a small fortune for, and knew exactly what to do with my own less than straight locks. Besides, I had the thrill of watching my very own stylist swinging long legs in low slung jeans down the runway of a fashion show to that 1980’s Kool & the Gang hit, Celebration. It was tough to let go.

It took me two years and a lot of styling-around to find the color & cut diva that I’ve had for the last seven years. Half Greek and half Italian, she is mercurial, generous, and funny to the bone. After our first consultation, I sprinted to every appointment, sat my butt in the chair, and made like a Nike commercial — Just Do It!

Over lattes and foils, we would discuss the latest movies and books. I had the pleasure of introducing her to the Stephanie Plum series, and we had lively discourse — okay, these were more like pant & drool sessions — over those delectable alpha-hotties, Ranger and Morelli.

Then, the day came. Yep. My stylist hit the Highlight Brick Road, and an integral part of my community support system was gone. Gasp! This time, I elected not to travel. Gasoline prices are more laughable than a Mr. Bean movie.

Now, hooking up with a new stylist is not something I want to be doing by drive-by. Word-of-mouth is the only way. I started putting feelers out to my most trusted friends. Friends who didn’t need to don hats to get on the subway in the morning.

The long and short of it, so to speak, is that I had a good cut, a bad cut, a bad root job, and a panic attack. Then, I found The One. Great cut. Great color. Great highlights. My support system was once again intact.

I feel good. Confident. Just for fun, I’m gonna have some copper highlights put in to mingle with all this blond for the holidays. Let’s just say, I won’t be donning a hat for the subway.

How about you? How do you find The One?

Elen (2007)


And that’s how we’re rolling this Throwback Thursday.

There will be no post tomorrow. Tomorrow, there will be no post. I’ll be taking the day for Good Friday. Happy Easter to all who are observing this religious and/or bunny holiday. If the bunny is listening, I love the bunny. The bunny brings me mini eggs.

See ya Monday.