Humpity Day: I Don’t Think So…

Banana Cream!

These are the banana cream daisies in my 2014 frontscape, with a side of moonbeam coreopsis. You can see how the daisies whiten as they mature. But it’s the banana cream stage that I really love.

In Other News ~

In yesterday’s post I asked:

Windsurfing or parasailing?

Have you ever?

Which would you be most likely to try, even if only in your imagination?

This being my answer:

Not even in my imagination! Is a writer supposed to say that?

Windsurfing — I love the water. I’ve been in it. I learned to swim because I took The Only to swimming lessons from Mommy & Me to life guarding. I did it for her. She’s a natural fish. I’m not. Still, I’ve been sailing. Deep water is not my jam. I crave being near the water, not on it. It soothes me.

Parasailing —  Hello! I can’t even look over the edge of anything without suffering mild to epic vertigo. This includes camera sweeps in film. IMAX is not my friend. That being said, I’ve been in the air in two-seater and four-seater planes and on up the line. Generally, halfway through a flight I’m like What was I thinking? It’s not my jam. So. Parasailing only if I were a bird! I can actually imagine being a bird. My writer’s soul is safe.

Commenters from yesterday and I are kindred spirits.

The end.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s blow right through it.



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