Tuesday Post: Queued… +

All the Clouds!

Isn’t that the tidiest row of clouds ever? They look like they’re queued up for a Disney ride.

Water and clouds. Two of my favorite things.

This was taken at Alma, NB on our New Brunswick road trip in 2015. The Road to Alma post is here.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Windsurfing or parasailing?

Have you ever?

Which would you be most likely to try, even if only in your imagination?


Tuesday, y’all.


13 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: Queued… +

  1. They’re both equally frightening to a guy afraid of heights and who can’t swim! So the question is – what dinner awaits me after? I can push through anything for a great bowl of Pad Thai and a bottle of Stella.

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  2. I’m not sure that I know what those activities are, so I’m going to say that I’ll happily watch other people do whatever it is they’ll be doing. Sitting still plays to my strengths.

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