Single Shot Monday: Wanderlust… +


I’ve never had a bad time in Edmundston, New Brunswick. It’s a stop we make almost every time we travel east in Canadaland. Early evening one day in June, 2015. I think. Population approximately 16,000. Friendly. Beautiful. A city with a view. What’s not to love?

I might be feeling the wanderlust lately.

Plus, I thought you might bash me over my little blogging head with a clay pot if I posted another flower shot on Monday.


One neighbor is raking the lawn this morning. Another is having a small patio put on the front. Makes me want to drag my wicker chairs out and curl up in a wool blanket with a hot Earl Grey tea and turn my face to the sun. It’s the most action we’ve had in the neighborhood in months. Burbville living.

We did a stay-in movie night Sunday. Ordered Pad Thai and rented Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I really, really wanted to love it, but I didn’t. The secondary critter characters were my favorite. The best moment of the film was that total moment of horizontal light and utter silence. I could not not see it. I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies. It wasn’t my favorite.

I’m leading a very small life right now. I’m good with that.

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it by the Y and give it a good shake.


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