Tuesday Post: Big, fat, pink bubbles…

My Maine Squeeze!

Let’s go here today in our imaginations. Go ahead. Click it bigger in your imagination.

Or… just click it bigger.

Taken in 2013 at Bar Harbor, Maine.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Gonna make this quick.

Don’t rat me out to the dentist. She won’t like the question.

And I rarely indulge. I swears!

Gum or Life Savers? 

If it’s not gum or life savers, fill in the blank.

Tic Tac(s), perhaps? Mentos?

This being my answer.

Life Savers. Tangerine is my fave flave.

If I’m chewing gum, it’s bubble gum all the way because — you know — bubbles. Big, fat, pink bubbles.

Yes, I am 10!

Tuesday, y’all!


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