Humpity Day: The Nerve… +

A Little Bit Closer!

Yes. Closer.

You’re my kind of blossom.


Just like that.

And now all I can think about is Jay & The Americans and Guardians of the Galaxy. Just Google or Spotify or whatevs. I’m Spotify-ing Guardians of the Galaxy right now.

In Other News ~

First laundry load of sprummer (spring/summer) on the line happened yesterday. #smalllifeliving

I might’ve put the fear of the Demon Squirrel in a black squirrel on Monday. He was cavorting in a dahlia plant that was taking the sun with a table full of plants on the patio. A table full of plants that I had lovingly selected on the weekend.

The nerve!

I might’ve banged on the patio doors.

He might’ve done a Baryshnikov jump over the top of that table full of plants, landed on the outer edge, scrambled across the yard and shimmied up the fence…

Like his pants were on fire!

Yeah. He definitely did that.

Don’t mess with the damn dahlias.

My shoulders were shaking.

I have no doubt he is plotting his revenge.

But it was so worth it.

I might have a mean streak.

Speaking of Baryshnikov, I could watch him and Gregory Hines do this forever. From White Nights on YouTube. 

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just do a Baryshnikov jump right over it.


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