Humpity Day: Oh, the irony…

Lake Grasses!

This pretty much looks like our lawn right now, minus the squirrel-hoarding peanut shelters. You know what I’m talking about.

And it’s only July 11th.

Catching Clouds!

I always imagine that if I lived up high in one of these buildings, I would only have to open the window to let a cloud drift through. That could be fun.

It doesn’t take much for me.

Small life living.

In Other News ~

Houston, we have car a/c. After settling up with the dealership and hopping in the car to make a fast getaway, lest they find something else to fix, I said — Let’s not bother with the a/c. I kinda got used to not having it.

Oh, the irony!

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just zoom down the road to Thursday.


Image 1 was taken by Lake Ontario in April 2013. Image 2 was taken in Toronto in July 2016.

6 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Oh, the irony…

  1. I lived in a high rise building like that one and the windows were all show, no go. I didn’t enjoy living like that fwiw. I much prefer having the option of catching clouds.

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