Single Shot Monday: That’s bliss…

by the lake…

Just so.

I could happily sit there and write all day.

This was taken at Lake Skaneateles, New York in September of 2011. It’s one of my faves. Go ahead. Click it bigger.


This weekend was all about downtime. Went to the Beach or Beaches area of Toronto in the east end. It owns a piece of my heart. Spent time down by lake watching the sailboats and the windsurfers, the sun worshipers and lunchers, the cyclists and board walkers. The readers.

The community doing what community does.

And I did nothing. Walking, sitting, watching. No phone. No reader.


Now that’s bliss.

And Monday is in the house.

We’re in the work zone.


6 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: That’s bliss…

  1. Elen, I really enjoyed this posting. No, really, I did. And I know you do, but for your horde of readers, the lake is pronounced … skanny atlas… with the accent on the first, second or third syllable (each time i pronounced it, it sounded different, so take your pick, right?

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