Tuesday Post: Probably doing the backstroke…

I took advantage of the Civic Holiday weekend to paint the powder room. You know — the smallest room ever. I spoke about it here. Probably should’ve just called it Labour Day weekend and be done with it. I didn’t do any civic-ing at all. Not one bit.

The littlest of rooms went from terra cotta to white. The beautiful warm white that is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. I spent hours over white paint chips before my eyes glazed over settling on this particular white. It took one coat of primer and two coats of paint to cover that deep terra cotta. It felt like white-out conditions in the middle of a blizzard. On the 401.

Just a wall of white as far as the eye could see.

But when I was finished, I could see a fruit fly on the powder room wall… with the lights out. Cue Rocky theme.

I’m also twisted like a pretzel.

In Other Tales of the Weekend ~

There’s a cardinal family hangin’ at our place this spring/summer, much to our delight. The mother was sitting in our lilac bush watching over the tween the other day while he explored all of our patio chairs, jumped down into the center of the weigela and shook it like two teens in a van on the back end of a parking lot — I don’t want to know — and then flew onto the neighbor’s roof. Shew! It was a wobbly flight, but he made it.

Changing the birdbath water, I found a wasp draped over the edge with his head in the water. Couldn’t tell if he was dead or just admiring his reflection or…

He was just drinking. Probably doing the backstroke before I got there. I would have paid to see that I tell you.

I very politely explained that I was changing out the water for fresh and cool and clean, if he didn’t mind sitting on the hydrangea for a moment.

He obliged.

We’ve had quite a few visitors to ye old birdbath this season. It’s the extreme heat. Everything from bees to raccoons.

Full transparency, this is not my birdbath. My phone camera was in the kitchen. So helpful there. In all fairness, I wasn’t expecting to find a wasp sucking back water for all he was worth. Or doing the backstroke. Or cannonballs.

Tuesday, y’all!

Hope your weekend was grand.



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: Probably doing the backstroke…

  1. Isn’t it amazing how many shades of white paint there are? I used to think white was white until I needed to touch up a wall in our kitchen after a slight remodel. I was ready to pull my hair out at the store, but a few of those are white as well and that just gave me another shade to contemplate. Aaarrggghh!!

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  2. Oops.. hit the “post comment” a little prematurely there. I’ll try again. The splash of a wasp doing a cannon ball would be a sight to see! Probably kind cute as far as wasps are concerned.

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